What are site works?

After this year’s grand final result, there is no doubting that the Hawthorn football club reigns supreme as champions of the AFL. Going back a few years it’s easy to see their dominance as a football club with consistent performances over a sustained period of time. However, there are a number of teams who can beat them on their day. What then makes Hawthorn so special?
We have all seen teams rise to the top one year only to see them disappear the next year into obscurity under the pressure of expectation. Last year’s creativity, seemingly replaced with a lack of discipline and erratic performance. So how does one attempt to blend consistency with the creativity and genius required to be a champion team? While we all desperately want to believe it is simply that next great signing or some fancy new energy drink, the reality is that these clubs are built on extremely good foundations.

The foundations of successful teams regardless of sport or business are many years in the making, they don’t happen overnight even if the media might want to give you this impression. The next great signing won’t guarantee success but it will guarantee a headline. Do we all secretly cling to the romantic notion that we will one day wake up and be the next great business leader, property developer or coach? It takes time to lay the foundations of success but the importance of good foundations is essential.

When it comes to building or developing the principles are the same- you need to start with a good solid foundation. Site works form the basis of building a solid foundation for any development.
I am amazed how often I come across prospective developments for rear strata and grouped dwellings where development plans are drawn without any site consideration for the site, these plans simply can’t be built or will involve major works to be carried out at the clients expense that could easily be avoided. For a prospective developer, if a builder fails to consider the site related issues this upfront this should be an instant alarm bell.

One great example of this that I can remember from my sales days, was a gentleman who spent many months arguing and negotiating with me over the cost of a house to save a few thousand dollars. He was determined to get the best price on the house but had not considered the design implications of the lot. The result was the additional cost of removing and replacing all the fences along with some very unhappy neighbors. This could have easily have been avoided and I could have saved him $10,000- $20,000! This goes to show that putting in the extra effort and money upfront to make sure that your design and plans have site works included can save you a lot of money and headache further down the track.

The top 5 things to think about when planning a cost effective development are as follows:

  • Get your builder to organise a contour and feature survey - This is a bit like getting an x ray of the block. It allows you to identify potential issues and locate services and costs up to $1000.
  • Ask about site photos - In conjunction with the survey photos, site photos can provide additional clues about what’s happening on the site
  • Ensure your sales consultants has experience in local planning law and policy- An experienced sales consultant who specializes in rear strata development or grouped dwellings should demonstrate a high level of understanding of local planning policy, the planning process and additional cost implications that may be site related.
  • Consider your subdivision options- How you plan to subdivide the lot will also have cost or site implications and should be discussed upfront to ensure that costs can be factored in.
  • Ask for Inclusive Detailed Pricing – An experienced builder should be able to give you indicative costing on the cost of the whole development, not just for the construction of the house.

When it comes to site works, a big surprise is not fun.
People have different interpretations of what a ‘site work’ is, so be sure to ask your builder about what they include in their site work costs. Summit Projects development consultants believe in educating and helping their clients to understand all the costs involved in a development up front.

For more information about some common site works items contact us today to find out how we can help you plan your development project.

Disclaimer: The information within this article is general information only and it does not constitute advice or recommendation. It does not take into account your financial situation, investment objectives or personal circumstances. Before making a decision about developing your property, you should seek independent financial, legal and taxation advice.


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