Starting out in property development with rear strata

Across our 40 years’ experience in Perth property development, we’ve found that many first-time investors look to venture into the market with a rear strata development.

This isn’t surprising, given that a rear strata property development can be one of the simplest land development journeys to undertake, whether you are looking to develop your own backyard or buy an investment property in Perth with the potential to subdivide the rear vacant space.


Option 1: Developing your own block with a house behind house development

If you are sitting on a large block, a rear strata development can definitely be a great way to dip your toes into property development.  There’s less to think about because you already own the land. And because you’re developing your own property, it can be somewhat easier to obtain finance and council approval (two important custom housing development steps that we can take care of for you!)


Option 2: Buying a Perth investment property for a rear strata development

Another great way to get started with a house behind house development is to source a Perth investment property. A lot of established blocks in Perth are great candidates for a rear strata subdivision – once you spot a potential new land development block, we will have the relevant building code/residential code explained to you as part of our feasibility assessment.

Once you find a great property development block, you have a few housing development options. You could live in the front home while you develop the backyard, or stay where you are and rent out the existing home. Once the custom property development is completed, you can choose to move in and sell the front home, sell or rent the rear property or even sell or keep both as investment properties. Should you choose to live in the existing home as your rear house behind house development takes shape, you may also opt to renovate the existing home to achieve a greater resale value in the future.


Advice for getting started with a rear strata land development block

1.Limit your search to areas that you are familiar with:
This means you will know what facilities and amenities are close-by as well as who will likely want to buy or rent your house behind house development.

2.Keep an eye on what’s happening around the block:
When it comes to getting new land development approved, it’s usually easiest to ‘go with the flow’. If you notice a lot of other rear strata developments on surrounding blocks, it can be a good indication that similar house behind house development will be able to get through council relatively smoothly.

3.Look beyond the ‘For Sale’ signs:
Jump on Google Earth and see if any rear strata land development opportunities catch your eye, then approach the owner directly to see if they are interested in either selling or allowing you to take an ‘option’ out on the property which can mean less cash outlay initially for you – something our in-house Westgate Finance team will be more than happy to help you with!


Summit Projects: Rear strata made beautifully simple

One of the reasons so many WA families begin their property development journeys with us is because we make the transition into land development smooth and simple.

A rear strata development is a great place to start, and we make it even easier with our selection of R-Code Ready Designs. From our spacious 4x2 Hawthorn design to our contemporary 3x2 Willow design, our house behind house development designs can be adapted to suit many blocks while maintaining their stunning style and functionality.

Ready to get started with your new property development? Or just have a question such as ‘What are the residential codes in my area?’ Contact our custom land development team today to arrange your obligation free development consultation.

Disclaimer: The information within this article is general information only and it does not constitute advice or recommendation. It does not take into account your financial situation, investment objectives or personal circumstances. Before making a decision about developing your property, you should seek independent financial, legal and taxation advice.


Rear Strata Strata Property Development

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