Narrow lot home designs checklist: 8 clever yet essential design traits for narrow lot developments.

If you’re lucky enough to own a homesite close to Perth’s inner city, chances are you could be looking at developing on narrow lots.

Narrow lot subdivisions are becoming increasingly popular as they enable multiple residences on a homesite. Narrow lots can have widths as low as 8-9m, maximising space while giving each home its own street frontage.

As a result, more and more narrow lot builders (Perth-based) are coming onto the market, each with their own catalogue of designs. Yet how do you spot a really smart narrow lot design that intuitively maximises space and style, boosting your return on investment? This checklist can help.

Narrow doesn’t need to be narrow.
A narrow lot home design should defy its narrow footprint, not confirm it. A poor narrow lot home design can result in potential buyers or tenants feeling like they are walking into a tunnel. Incorporating voids above the entrance, extra high ceilings and clever lighting can be used to create a welcoming sense of space and openness.

Light = space.
Narrow lot homes are often two-storey and positioned very closely together which can result in dark, unappealing living spaces within each home due to lack of light penetration. Quite simply, natural light instantly makes a space feel roomier and more inviting, so make sure your narrow lot builders integrate efficient solar passive principles for this very reason.

Open up your options
Open plan living continues to be popular in narrow lot home designs as it stops the home feeling ‘boxy’ and gives flexibility in regards to furnishings and layout, broadening the market appeal of the home. A smart open plan design should integrate the kitchen, dining, living and alfresco into one voluminous area.

Get in the zone
While maximising living space is essential, where that living space is positioned throughout the home is equally as important. Clever zoning and room layout will ensure that the narrow lot home is a pleasure to live in. A great idea to help create a more functional narrow lot home is to incorporate private retreats for parents and children and a distinct entertaining area.

All season alfresco
It’s often worthwhile paying a little extra to create an alfresco that is sheltered and comfortable enough to allow year-round entertaining. A well designed, quality alfresco looks fantastic and lets residents enjoy all available living space virtually every day of the year.

More in store
Ample storage space is important in any home, yet achieving it requires some clever thinking in a narrow lot home design. Ask your narrow lot builders how they maximise storage space. For example, do they utilise the area under the stairs?

Stepping out upstairs
It sounds simple, but a well-sized balcony looks great, captures any views and adds to the space and appeal of your investment property. If a balcony fits into your budget, it is well worth considering.

Nooks and crannies
Those little nooks throughout a narrow lot home design should be put to good use. For example, a well-positioned study nook can replace the need for a dedicated study room, adding to the number of bedrooms in the home and hence optimising your return on investment.


No two narrow lots are created equal so crafting an intelligent and attractive narrow lot home design is a specialist skill.

If you’re ready to subdivide and build on your narrow lot, speak to Summit Projects. Not only will they project manage the entire subdivision process for you, they have a leading range of narrow lot home designs (including two storey narrow lot homes) that are sure to optimise your final profit margin.

Contact the narrow block developers (Perth) at Summit Projects today.

Disclaimer: The information within this article is general information only and it does not constitute advice or recommendation. It does not take into account your financial situation, investment objectives or personal circumstances. Before making a decision about developing your property, you should seek independent financial, legal and taxation advice.

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