Is it too late to start investing in property development?

Life after 40 is often accompanied by feelings of past regret and anxiety about your financial future. “Why didn’t I invest in my 20s and 30s?”

Relax – the truth is it’s never too late to start investing in property development (Perth). All you have to do is create a strategy for action. Read the following steps for “Investment Over 40” and you’ll put the first building blocks in place for a better retirement.

STEP 1: Talk to a financial planner

There’s plenty you can do to get your finances in order before deciding to embark on a Perth development journey, but sometimes it’s worth getting professional financial advice. A financial planner can help place you in the best position to make property investment a worthwhile endeavour.

A financial planner should:

  • Analyse your personal situation
  • Work out how much you can afford to borrow
  • Help you choose the best loan for your needs
  • Outline the overall cost of buying a home
  • Investigate whether Perth development is right for you
  • Demonstrate the potential tax benefits of investing in property.

STEP 2: Work out your goals

Property development (Perth) is definitely achievable for any age, but the older you get, the more strategic you must be if you want to succeed. Think about your end goal – what will your lifestyle look like? Comfortable? Extravagant? Once you’ve set this goal, work out how much you’ll need to fund your lifestyle, and when you want to achieve this figure by. Be realistic – we all want to retire tomorrow, but unrealistic goals can lead to unnecessary stress and risk. Around ten years is a common target, but it all depends on your situation.

STEP 3: Choose your Perth development type

Once you have determined the finance sum needed to get you started, and how much you need your property to generate by your target date, it’s time to choose the investment itself. There are many paths you can take, here are just a few:

Subdivide your existing home
Are you lucky enough to own your own home? If the property is appropriately zoned and has enough equity, you can borrow against it to subdivide, unlocking its true value. Your options will depend on your block, but house-behind-home, duplex and triplex developments are the most common.

Buy a large, subdividable block

The alternative is to obtain finance to buy a large, subdividable block to build your duplex, triplex or multi-unit development. This option allows you to retain your current property as is, but would obviously require a higher outlay to fund the purchase of the land. One major positive is that you can choose the perfect block to match your investment goals.

Build a duplex and live in one

Another common strategy is to buy land and build a duplex, selling one and living in the other. If you sell your own (larger) property, downsizing will unlock valuable extra funds for investing in your development.

STEP 4: Take action

The sooner you invest in a Perth development, the more time you have for it to grow in value and produce rental income. So don’t delay – do your due diligence, follow each step and start investing in property today.

Summit Projects – experts in property development (Perth)

Over 40 (and over not generating enough wealth)? Talk to Summit Projects - the Perth Development experts. Summit builders know everything there is to know about Perth projects, and can guide you through your first dive into a strata development. Perth investors have come to view Summit Projects as the builder of choice, thanks to their decades of experience, industry connections, and ability to take care of the entire process for you.


To discuss whether a Summit development is right for you, or to use the property development calculator to work out the viability of your project, contact one of our development specialists today!

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