How infill lots are helping to reduce Perth's urban sprawl

While big backyards and spread out suburbs used to be a signature of Perth’s urban sprawl, undesirable consequences such as land clearing and high infrastructure costs are driving the necessity for infill lots.
In a nutshell, infill lots require property developers to look ‘inwards’ instead of ‘outwards’, identifying land within previously established areas that can comfortably accommodate strata development such as a strata subdivision.

Opting for a block or backyard subdivision, instead of clearing land on Perth’s outskirts, has numerous benefits for property investors, the environment, future tenants and the community as a whole.
These include:

1.Saving money

On a community level, creating a new suburb on the fringes of Perth is an expensive exercise. Infrastructure including roads and rail must be extended, as do essential services such as water and electricity. In contrast, infill blocks eliminate the expense of urban sprawl, as fundamental infrastructure and services are already in place.

For homeowners seeking money-saving property development tips, building a strata home via a backyard subdivision can be much cheaper than purchasing newly-developed land on Perth’s fringes, as you will already own your backyard space and don’t need to purchase an entire new block.

For your future tenants or homeowners, they will enjoy the day-to-day savings of living in a much more centrally located area through reduced commuting costs.

2.Saving the environment

It’s clear to see why urban infill is better for the environment. While new estates require extensive land clearing, the subdivision of property in an established area stops the sprawl of housing into the natural landscapes of outer Perth.
In addition, new residents don’t have to commute as far for work or pleasure (AKA they will have a smaller carbon footprint), and are more likely to be able to reach places via foot or public transport than if they lived on Perth’s fringes.

3.Saving lifestyles!

Strata developments (Perth) that occur through infill are often more desirable due to the lifestyle on offer. For example, a large block in Nollamara, Bassendean or Lathlain could host multiple strata developments, with clever designs allowing for spacious living on narrow/cottage-sized lots. Future tenants or homeowners can likely walk or cycle to public transport, shops, schools and other essential amenities, and are far closer to the city and all its many attractions than if they resided in the far outer suburbs.

This lifestyle benefit is a big plus for infill strata builders (Perth), who are likely to enjoy greater interest from tenants or homebuyers who are seeking to enjoy life in an already established and convenient area.

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Disclaimer: The information within this article is general information only and it does not constitute advice or recommendation. It does not take into account your financial situation, investment objectives or personal circumstances. Before making a decision about developing your property, you should seek independent financial, legal and taxation advice.

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