Discovering rear strata housing developments

One of the things we love most about what we do is making property development simple for everyone. Whether you are an experienced investor or thinking about your first new property development, our knowledge and insights are here to guide you through every exciting stage.

A popular land development choice for many of our clients is a rear strata development, also known as ‘house behind house’ developments.

Does my block qualify for a rear strata development?

We recommend engaging our Perth property development team as soon as you are considering a house behind house development. Whether you are thinking about developing your existing block, or looking to purchase a Perth property investment with the hope of undertaking a rear strata development, we can help determine the feasibility of such a property development.

Residential codes explained

Residential codes, also known as R-Codes or ‘Building Codes’, play a huge part in determining the land development potential of your block. These building codes do change over time – something we’re fully across, so you don’t need to be!  If you’re wondering ‘What is the residential code in my area?’, it can help to know that a large number of Perth suburbs are zoned R20, meaning that 450sqm is required per residence. As you get closer to the city, this number is likely to decrease to allow greater density. For example, if your block carries the residential code of R30, you will only need approximately 300m2 of vacant land.

The ‘house behind house’ builders: rear strata designs by Summit Projects

A hallmark of every Summit Projects rear strata housing development is a clever use of space. Looking through our rear strata designs such as the Norfolk and Redwood, you’ll find four bedrooms, two bathrooms, large entertaining areas and all-season alfrescos cleverly accommodated on less than 200m2.  And when you consider that each property development also includes decadent extras such as a double garage and home theatre, it’s easy to see why house behind house developments make both fantastic family homes and enticing property investment opportunities.

Perth property investment case studies: house behind house development success stories

We love helping WA families become property developers. Because no two property development journeys are alike, we tailor our designs to suit your specific block and budget.

From constructing a four bedroom home at the rear of an R20 block in Hilton, to the confines of an R17.5/25, 322sq block by the river in Shelley, our one and two storey ‘house behind house’ designs create significant value for our close-knit clients.

The rear strata new property development in Shelley is a shining example of our custom land development capabilities.  Challenges included a relatively small block size, multiple other building works in the immediate area plus the client’s desire to capture river views despite occupying a rear homesite.  In creating this custom housing development, our property development design team expertly accommodated the client’s wishes. The finished product is a beautiful two storey home, featuring two private wings for the bedrooms, open plan living that transitions perfectly to the alfresco and a master suite that uniquely nestles above the garage to capitalise on river views.

No housing development too big or small: speak to Summit Projects

Discover a simple, clear path to property investment and development with our hard-working team at Summit Projects.

Whether you are ready to start a property development project, or just thinking about whether a custom land development is possible on your block, we’d love to help in anyway we can. It’s why we offer an obligation free development consultation!

To talk about your options for investing in property (Perth) without obligation or pressure, call our team at Summit Projects today.

Disclaimer: The information within this article is general information only and it does not constitute advice or recommendation. It does not take into account your financial situation, investment objectives or personal circumstances. Before making a decision about developing your property, you should seek independent financial, legal and taxation advice.






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