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Achieve the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of Home Ownership with Summit Projects
I’m surprised how many people are unaware of the fantastic opportunities provided by the Housing Authority’s Opening Doors program. The program is designed to make home ownership more affordable and it is a brilliant way for people to achieve the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of home ownership.

Who is the Housing Authority and what is the Opening Doors program?
The Housing Authority is a government agency and are a major provider of affordable land and housing in Western Australia making a substantial contribution to the State’s economic and social wellbeing. The Housing Authority’s focus is on innovation and delivering value-for-money in the design, construction and financing of homes to enable all Western Australians to have a place to call home.
The Housing Authority works in close collaboration and partners with private, government and not-for-profit sectors to help find new ways to increase the supply of affordable housing in Western Australia, to meet the target of newly set target of achieving at 30,000 affordable housing opportunities by the year 2020.

The Opening Doors program helps to give for low to medium income earners access to these properties by providing a range of ownership options.

What are the options available?

  • Full home ownership
  • Shared home ownership
  • Keystart lending for full home ownership and shared equity opportunities

What is the Shared Home Ownership initiative?
The Housing Authority retains a (silent) share in the property which means that prices can start from as little as $232,000 and a large number of these properties being offered under the Shared Home Ownership initiative are located in established areas.

What are the benefits of shared home ownership?

  • Low deposit of $2,000 or 2% of the purchase price (whichever is greater)
  • $0 monthly account keeping fees
  • No saving history required
  • $0 lenders mortgage insurance

How do I qualify for this program?
Through the Keystart lending initiative, you may be eligible to qualify for shared home ownership. Properties are also available on a 100% ownership basis through a Keystart loan or through your own financial institution.

As the whole purpose of shared equity is to get low to medium income earners into their own homes, there are of course terms and conditions. As a general guide, this means that a single person cannot earn above $70,000 or as a couple, above $90,000. For further information, please contact Keystart on 1300 578 278 to discuss your own particular circumstances.

What other options are there?
In addition to affordable housing options though Keystart, there are also a number of Full Home Ownership homes available that would suit downsizers, investors or first home owners.

What are the benefits of purchasing Housing Authority property through Summit Projects?
Unlike most affordable new housing products that tend to be house and land packages on the outskirts of Perth, these houses are infill development product in existing suburbs. With a wide range of suburbs we are building, you can choose to stay close to friends or family.

Who is building the homes?
Summit Projects is partnering with the Housing Authority to build a number of these homes on their behalf that will then be available through the Opening Doors program. All of these homes are quality built by Summit Projects and will be fully finished and low maintenance. If you are looking for an investment property, they are all brand-new homes allowing investors to maximize the depreciation and tax benefits.

When are they going to be ready?
Many of these properties are near completion, so now is the time to secure one if you don’t want to miss out.

Interested? Get started today in 3 simple steps.

  1. Contact our dedicated Opening Doors sales consultant Shaun Clifford
  2. Determine is you are qualified for Finance and get approval
  3. Choose your brand-new home!

For more information on this fantastic program, contact Shaun Clifford on 08 6555 3039 or email


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