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How do I determine what I can build on my site?

How do I start developing my block?

How do I work out the cost for developing my site?

What money is required upfront to start the process?

Why should I subdivide my block?

Once plans are approved by the council, what happens then?


This depends on the zoning and the location of your land. Ask an experienced sales consultant to get an expert opinion on the subdivision process in your area.

Developments have the following cost elements that need to be considered in order to consider the total cost of the project:

  • Construction cost of the houses
  • Site related costs associated with the subdivision & infrastructure
  • Development costs & government fees
  • Finishing costs
  • Finance costs or holding costs for the duration of the project.

Each development is unique & costs vary depending on the number of units being built. Ask one of our experienced development consultants and they can often give you a budget indication to help you.

Unlike most project builders Summit Projects is a specialist in unit developments. This means that we price the whole project not the individual houses. Have a chat with one of our development consultants to see how this relates to your development. 

To determine the strata development potential of a property, you must ascertain from the local government, the lot size and zoning. To investigate if the minimum lot size can be achieved based on the proposed location of the sub-division boundaries. Additionally, you must investigate if any restrictions are placed on the Certificate of Title, which may limit its subdivision potential such as easement and restrictive covenant.

As every property is unique, it is important that you speak to someone who has experience in identifying any issues which may inflate and/or vary the site and associated costs. Unfortunately, as most utilities connection points are situated towards the front lot boundary and access into the rear section of the site is restricted, extra site works costs are inevitable. Extra costs for works associated with developing the property include;

  • Earthworks
  • Concrete Pump Hire
  • Storm Water Disposal
  • Engineer's Upgrade
  • Brick Paving
  • Concrete Piling
  • Limestone Access Track
  • Kerb & Footpath Re-instatement
  • Utilities Run (i.e. water, telephone, sewer & electricity)

In the event that sub-division has not been completed, you will require the builder to incorporate fees and works associated with the sub-division. These may include;

  • Water Corporation Headwork Fees
  • Carbays to the Existing House
  • Western Power Dome Fees
  • Storeroom to the Existing House
  • Surveyor's Fees
  • Sewer Re-diversion
  • Connection of the Existing Dwelling to Underground Power

As a general rule, most rear lot developments would require a Development Approval (D.A.). Our experienced Development Consultants are trained accordingly to have full knowledge of the Town Planning Codes and Policies to ensure that the design recommended to you would comply, minimising unnecessary delays.

Unfortunately as most display homes are designed to suit street front green title lots, they rarely comply with policies applicable to rear lot/strata developments. Due to increased demand for rear lot/strata developments Summit Projects have formulated a series of standard plans to suit rear lots. Should you wish to incorporate features from our display homes, our Development Design Team can formulate a tailored design to suit your needs.

It is extremely important to choose a plan that has been specifically designed to sit on a rear strata block as there are certain design codes that will apply to the property and these have already been taken into consideration. This will help you save time and money down the track.

Our experienced Development Consultants are able to provide you with a personalised time schedule as approval and building times vary, subject to factors such as the workloads of local government, type of dwelling, site conditions and specification levels. In general, local government planning and building approval would usually take between 4-6 weeks per process. 

Our Development Consultants would provide an assessment based on the relevant codes to determine if any improvements are required. In general, the front house must have provisions for two carbays, a storeroom with a minimum area of 4m2 and have sufficient setbacks from boundaries and structures to comply with the Residential Design Codes and the Building Codes of Australia.

Essentially, it comes down to cost. Summit Projects has a team of highly experienced designers who are capable of producing designs reflecting your needs within project builders’ rates. The service offered is cost effective and will ultimately be credited towards the contract price. 

To obtain a copy of the standard inclusions, please contact one of our Strata Development Consultants.

Start with the end in mind. A good development consultation should consider the objectives and potential strategies to maximise the returns on your investment.

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