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Looking to add a rear strata home?

Rear strata

Developing your block with a strata development is an extremely rewarding experience and it is also a fantastic investment opportunity. With close to 40 years of building experience, Summit Projects are WA's specialist rear strata builders and 'house behind house' developers.

Summit Projects offer the best value end to end property development solutions by ensuring that our specialised team of Designers, Land Developers and Property Development Consultants are experts in rear strata development projects.


Is a rear strata development the right option for you?

If you're tired of living in an old, run down house but still love the area you live in, or even if you're just thinking of purchasing an investment property, adding a Summit Projects rear strata development to your block is the perfect solution!

Providing that your property fits the correct residential codes or “R-Codes”, Summit Projects can subdivide your existing property into two separate blocks.

Subdividing your block with a rear or even a front strata development can provide endless opportunities, whether you want to develop for investment, or even to accommodate family members, Summit Projects have the perfect design and strata solution for you.

At Summit Projects we know that your block is unique, just like your lifestyle and requirements for your development, that's why we offer a free development site-assessment, Ask now!

Example of Rear Strata Floor Plan


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