Grouped Housing Case Study- Heritage Park

Hillstead at Heritage Park, Baldivis


Development Type: Grouped Housing
Zoning: R40
Lot Area: 3890 sqm
Housing Type: 17 Grouped Dwellings, 10 x 3 Bed & 2 Bath, 7 x 2 Bed & 1 Bath

Design & Construction

Hillstead at Heritage Park was designed to maximise the number of dwellings wihtin the devlopment, so as to increase the potential profit for the developer when it came time to onsell the homes.

The development faces a nature strip of natural bushland, so BAL considerations had to be taken into account when planning the development.

Summit Projects came up with an innovative approach to use the development to investigate 3 different construction methods within the one development, to test market demand for alternative products- deviating from the Perth residential norm of double brick construction. 

To achieve this, identical units were designed with either double brick construction, brick veneer construction with Backbone steel frame internally, or fully Backbone supplied steel framed dwellings with Masterwall externally.


A modern grouped dwelling development to suit first homebuyers or investors alike,  designed to gauge the evolving mentality of the Perth residential market through the use of alternate construction methods and materials.

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