Grouped Housing

Expand your returns' potential with an attractive grouped housing development in Perth and WA

Grouped housing

As a grouped housing specialist in the Perth property development market

Share in the success of a well-organised group. Summit Projects have had nearly 40 years of experience in building grouped housing developments. Summit Projects offer the best value end to end property development solutions by ensuring that our specialist team of grouped housing designers and development consultants to create your ideal grouped housing development.

Is a grouped housing development right for you?

It should be mentioned that property development projects generally become more complicated as the number of dwellings increase, and designing for a grouped housing development requires a deep understanding of the current R-Codes and experience with Perth’s unique property development landscape.

For grouped housing developments in Perth there are additional factors to consider to meet the local council policies as well as the area’s zoning, although with the additional requirements and restrictions comes the potential to see a greater return on your investment. Being one of WA's most experienced specialists you can choose from a number of off the shelf standard group housing floorplans and designs.

As a general rule, the more dwellings you construct as part of your grouped housing development, the more opportunity for a larger return on investment. Whether larger or smaller we have the perfect group housing floorplans and designs for your block.

Summit Projects have been trusted to deliver large projects and developments for close to 40 years. We have the advantage of both home design and site planning expertise and experience, so we are able to design effective and practical grouped housing sites and maximise your block's full money-making potential.

View our latest development case studies below or contact us today for a free property development site assessment and to learn more about our proven track record of delivering large grouped housing developments.

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Look through our intelligent Grouped Housing floorplans and designs for Perth and WA

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